Pilgway 3D-Coat v4.0.03 Final Multilanguage Portable
Pilgway 3D-Coat v4.0.03 Final Multilanguage Portable | 263 Mb

3D-Coat is one application that has all the necessary tools to make your 3D idea from a piece of digital clay up to the production of ready-made, fully textured organic or hard surfaces model.

Among the features of the program include working with layers, that enables to apply to model different effects seamless texturing of objects, different types of projection cards on a model, drawing along the three-dimensional curves. 3D-Coat supports the brush in the ABR format used in Adobe Photoshop, and allows you to draw brushes any form.

3D-Coat is a powerful tool for the simulation of different objects and coarse 3D models, improve their detail and surface texturing, works visualization of static scenes and circular animation model. There is a possibility to create UV maps, mapping, card replacement card glare and cards diffuse color, hotkeys, data import/export, a quick switch between 3D-Coat and applications such modeling, such as Cinema 4D, Blender and more.
In the fourth version of the interface is changed, improved drawing textures, added new tools for topology models.

3D-Coat - a convenient and useful program for texture and detail of 3D objects, designed specifically for 3D artists and designers, but initially aimed at developers of computer games.

The program combines layers of texture and detail in a simple and understandable interface. There is full support and compatibility of such packages as Light Wave 3D, Modo format .lwo, Maya, 3ds Max, Carrara format browser and .obj. 3D-Coat supports 3D SpaceNavigator of 3DCONNEXION for more intuitive navigation. The program can work in a solid conjunction with Adobe Photoshop and other 2D editor works with PSD files. The performance of the program has increased significantly through the use of normal maps. Among the interesting features of 3D - Coat is the work with layers, as well as the creation of materials on the basis of photographs, which allows you to transfer the 3D model some of the details (eyes, lips and t.d). The program has Russian interface.

The latest version adds support for 4 GB of memory on the 64-bit version of Windows and 3 GB on 32-bit. It gives the chance to increase the granularity of up to 20 million polygons. Also sped up many operations, added support for multi-core processors.

These models can be transformed into воксельные sculptures - for further refining and adding new parts; they can create UV unwrapping, mapping, displacement map, maps glare and diffuse map colors. Once all changes have been completed, by means of a special connection they can be transferred to the original software with saved the sweep, textures and complete information about the modified object.

3D-Coat specializes in modeling of voxel and polygon sculptures - with the use of innovative technologies (Dynamic Tessellation) and a full set of necessary tools (development). In the latest version users will be able to significantly increase capacity and speed with the help of the technology of 3D-Coat «Skinning» using the algorithm - Autopo. With minimal user this intelligent technology gently creates a functional polygon shell (skin) over any voxel sculpture (consisting mainly of quadrangles)that are the standard accepted and widely used in most 3D-studios. As a rule, such polygon topology to be modeled manually.

Key features:
Voxel Sculpting - in this mode you can model your model - no worries about the topology!
Linking with Photoshop connection with photoshop all in a few clicks, you can send layers тектсурирования directly in photoshop and forth very convenient for the texturing process.
Painting with Layers - Create photo-realistic textures for your model with an infinite number of layers and blending effects.
UV-Maping - UV-mapping never been so easy! You can create and edit the existing sets of UV with intuitive and flexible set of tools.
CUDA Acceleration - 3D-Coat uses CUDA acceleration, which radically accelerates Voxel operations sculpture.
Retopology create a new topology from scratch, or configure existing layout with the most powerful set of tools in the industry!
Auto-Retopology - creates ретопологию automatically, accurately and with a uniform distribution of polygons.
Ptex Support - 3D-Coat supports well-known systems Ptex Disney! Now you can create a completely seamless texture without UV scanner!

New features:
A new interface with lots of options to display icons, text, or both, and menus can now be moved by dragging.
Tool for real clay, allowing to sculpt with подразбиением grid in real time
A new tool ретопологии, Extrude
Locking layers that are visible and transparent
Tool for creation and liquidation of large holes in the grid (useful for 3d scanning)
Exports in the Collada format (format .dae Le)

Home Page - 3d-coat.com

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